About Us

Tim Sims

Tim Sims – CEO

Tim Sims has been an entrepreneur and digital marketer for over 10 years. In his early 30’s, he went through quite a stressful period while managing 3 different businesses at a time. This had obviously affected his sleep and wellbeing in a negative way, so he decided to address these issues to a specialist. 

Having got proper treatment and made certain lifestyle changes, Tim was able to get back to living a normal life and effectively managing his projects. And that was when he realized how crucial sleep is for both mental and physical health, as well as for business. So, he decided to start a side project with the goal of promoting sleep awareness and helping people improve their lives through better sleep, and hence, Kansas Sleep was born.

In his free time, Tim can be spotted somewhere across the globe, filming Balinese rice terraces or the Amazon rainforest with his drone.

SherylSheryl Martin – Chief Marketing Officer

Sheryl is the Chief Marketing Officer for Kansas Sleep. She’s been working on various digital marketing projects for over 5 years before she started taking a particular interest in health-related niches. She claims this job helps her be a healthier version of herself. When she’s not at work, you can find her sweating in a gym or showing off her dancing skills at boogie-woogie dance group meet-ups.

EvaEva Cohen – Certified Sleep Expert  

Eva is a Certified Integrative Adult Sleep Coach who knows all about sleep issues. Her passion for the science of sleep has begun when she started having anxiety-related insomnia episodes during pregnancy. So, most tips she shares here are based on her own experience. Despite her extensive knowledge and expertise, there’s still one challenge she can’t solve — how to get the husband to sleep instead of watching late-night boxing matches?

TerriTerri Davis – Content Manager

Terri started her career as a freelance writer in her early 20’s. Having worked with clients from multiple niches, she has finally landed on sleep products. Today, Terri is managing a small in-house writing team here at Kansas Sleep, and her mission is to make sure all the wisdom of our sleep experts is delivered in a clear and engaging manner so that our readers could make the most of it. When not busy writing words, she writes music for guitar and piano.